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Dolph Ziggler not a "Top Guy" - Vince McMahon told WWE Staff

AJ Singh

23 Sept 2023

Meltzer claims that Vince McMahon made sure WWE writers knew where Ziggler stood

The decision to part ways with Dolph Ziggler after nearly two decades with the WWE has stunned the wrestling industry, along with the recent WWE talent releases.

Since making his main roster debut in 2005, the 43-year-old had been a regular on WWE programming.

He first served as Chavo Guerrero's golf caddy before joining the Spirit Squad and engaging in a feud with D-Generation X on "WWE Raw."

Ziggler returned to the main roster in 2008 after spending another period in development, and he went on to have an incredible run with the company, winning the world title twice and competing in more matches than almost anyone in WWE history.

Despite his success in the company and being over with the fans, Vince McMahon never saw Dolph Ziggler as a top guy.

Dave Meltzer claims that Vince McMahon never had a high opinion of Dolph Ziggler, and even after awarding him the World Heavyweight Championship twice, McMahon reportedly told the WWE creative team that the push Ziggler was receiving, was only temporary and that he was not a top guy.

Till this date, Dolph Ziggler fans fondly remember the night after WrestleMania 28, when he triumphantly cashed in his Money in the Bank contract by defeating Alberto Del Rio to a thunderous ovation.

Unfortunately though, an untimely concussion sidelined him and appeared to end his push before Survivor Series 2014, where "The Show-Off" defeated The Authority as the sole survivor with some assist from Sting.

His WWE release has left fans wondering if Ziggler will end up joining his younger brother, Ryan Nemeth in All Elite Wrestling.

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