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AEW wanted another theme song for Daniel Bryan

(Photo Credit: AEW)

This past Sunday, Daniel Bryan made his much anticipated AEW Debut at the the promotion’s All Out PPV event in Chicago.

While Bryan had a new song, fans were quick to point that he did not use ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe as his theme song, instead, he is now using 'Born For Greatness' by Elliott Taylor as his theme song in AEW.

The promotion apparently tried to secure the rights to The Final Countdown but the cost was too much for the company license.

Dave Metlzer had the following to say on the matter:

"So The Final Countdown will not, as you can see, they played a version of Last of the Valkyrie, a remix of that. There was, in fact, an attempt to have him come out to The Final Countdown figuring the place would explode, which they did anyway, but even for Tony Khan it was cost-prohibitive."


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