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AJ Styles' retirement gift to The Undertaker

In a recent appearance on “Out of Character with Ryan Satin,” AJ Styles revealed that he reached out to The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool after the boneyard match, in order to get a retirement match for "The Deadman."

Michelle suggested him to present her husband with the gloves Styles wore in their match together. In return, Taker also presented Styles with his own gloves, along with a heartfelt letter.

“I called his wife and was like ‘hey, what does he want?!' Cause I needed to get him something. She was just like ‘well, get him your gloves. That would mean a lot to him if you signed your gloves.’ I was like ‘al right!’ So, yeah, Michelle hooked me up, and hopefully that was a gift he enjoyed. He actually sent his gloves to me with a very nice thank you letter, which meant the world to me. I have them sitting on my table in the office. It meant a lot.”


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