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Bobby Lashley - Wrasslinews Exclusive Interview

Wrasslinews had the pleasure of catching up with WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley in an exclusive interview, just days before his WWE Championship title defence against Goldberg at SummerSlam.

During the interview, Bobby Lashley was asked for his opinion on Goldberg's character, since the former Universal Champion recently revealed in an interview that while he is proud of Lashley, he is not a "big fan" of his character.

Bobby Lashley responded with the following statement:

"You know what? A lot of times... people go out and do these interviews and they say things that they don't actually mean. Umm.. [laughs] You know what? As far as Goldberg... I am a fan of Goldberg from way back when I thought Goldberg was incredible. And even now, standing in the ring, hearing him come out, crowd going crazy! Goldberg still has that.. That It-Factor! He's still Goldberg!

While Lashley was full of praises for his SummerSlam opponent, he also tried to understand why Goldberg does not like his character.

Lashley stated:

"He's [Goldberg] still a huge name in this wrestling business but, as he says - Maybe he's not a fan of my character because I’m on top! You know, that's the hardest thing.. I posted something on my Instagram not too long ago.. I think it was a day or two ago, and it just showed the respect that we had for each other at a certain period of time but.. since i’ve had this [WWE] title, you know, my friends became my enemies.

Lashley was then asked if he really intends to end his former friend, Goldberg's career at SummerSlam, to which he answered:

"Right now, since he is now my enemy, um.. the dislike is starting to build. And like I said before, I’m ready to defend this [WWE] title against anybody, and I’m not gonna give him a second chance. So when he comes out there, I’m just going to beat him because I’m a part of The Hurt Business. I’m going there to hurt him, I’m gonna send him away and he’s not gonna come back!”

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