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Kurt Angle Would Love to Win AEW Gold

It's true, it's damn true! It looks like former WWE Star and Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle now has his eyes on WWE's rival company - All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor too!

On his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, a fan asked him about the title or promotion he would love to fight for, to which Kurt instantly responded that the promotion would either be All Elite Wrestling or Ring of Honour.

He even said that he would love to fight some of the AEW stars and go on to become the AEW World Champion one day!

"Questions go off of my mind especially with AEW, the run they're having right now obviously I'd love to have an AEW title and put a feather in my cap. I also wouldn't mind Ring of Honour, you know, I've never been there, I've never done that."

One of the reasons why Kurt wants to go to ROH and AEW is because he wants to add their titles to the list of championships he has won, and go on to become "the best ever."

"I've gone to TNA, WWE, New Japan, but, if you win all the titles, from all the territories, all the promotions. Then you're the best ever, and I wanna be the best ever."

However, Angle does understand that with his current physical condition, accomplishing the above will be next to impossible.

“Unfortunately, it’s probably not gonna happen with AEW or Ring of Honor. Especially with my body’s condition, but I would say those two would put a feather in my cap.”

Kurt says that if he he would consider putting his body on the line to compete once more only if he was paid $10 million.

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