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WWE Fans offered $10000 for taking Omos off his feet

Wrestling enthusiasts gathered in Saginaw, Michigan on November 19 for the much-anticipated WWE Sunday Stunner event. Promising an evening filled with action, the event showcased top stars from RAW engaging in multiple thrilling title matches.

While the championships were on the line, it was a unique challenge presented by WWE Superstar Omos and his manager/friend MVP that stole the spotlight.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Omos secured a swift victory over Akira Tozawa. Following this impressive win, MVP, oozing confidence, lauded his client's prowess.

To add an extra layer of excitement, MVP dared the audience, offering a tempting reward of $10,000 to anyone who could manage to topple the towering Nigerian Giant.

Despite the enticing offer, no brave soul stepped up to the challenge. Michigan, we expected a bit more from you!

Now, let's delve into the complete results of this action-packed show, courtesy of Wrestling Bodyslam:

  • Sami Zayn vs. Dominik Mysterio: In a non-title match, Sami Zayn emerged victorious against NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio.

  • Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark: The RAW Women's Champion, Becky Lynch, showcased her dominance by defeating Zoey Stark in an intense showdown.

  • Omos vs. Akira Tozawa: As mentioned earlier, Omos continued his winning streak by swiftly dispatching Akira Tozawa.

  • Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest: In an intriguing clash, Cody Rhodes faced off against Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Damian Priest, emerging triumphant.

  • Nia Jax vs. Raquel Rodriguez: The powerhouse Nia Jax asserted her dominance with a victory over Raquel Rodriguez.

  • Intercontinental Title Match – Gunther (c) vs. Chad Gable: The reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther, successfully retained his title against the skilled Chad Gable.

  • World Heavyweight Title Match – Seth Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: In a high-stakes triple-threat match, Seth Rollins retained the World Heavyweight Title against formidable opponents Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The WWE Sunday Stunner in Saginaw undoubtedly delivered on its promise of an exhilarating night, leaving fans eager for more thrilling encounters and surprising moments in the world of professional wrestling.

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