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WWE Nixed Batista's Updated Theme Song

Batista’s WWE theme song “I walk alone” by the band Silva is loved by millions of fans across the globe.

However, in true WWE fashion, the company wanted the band to improvise and make the already great theme, even better.

In fact, WWE reached out to the band and asked them to re-record Batista’s theme song.

In an interview with Reel Talker, the band’s leader singer, Bobby Amaru revealed that the company had requested them to not only re-record “The Animal’s” theme, but also record another song.

“They had reached out about us doing something a couple years ago. I think it had to do about re-recording ‘I Walk Alone’ and doing something else. We ended up re-recording ‘I Walk Alone’. So it’s done, we just haven’t released it.”

One can only wonder if the band will ever release the unreleased, updated version of Batista’s theme song. However, at this point in time it seems very unlikely.

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