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WWE "Queen Of The Ring" Tournament In The Works

WrestlingInc reports that WWE is planning to hold a "Queen of the Ring" tournament later this year.

The current plan is for the event to be a main roster exclusive, airing on Peacock. No tentative dates for the event have been disclosed yet.

The last time WWE held an all women's show was their first and only Evolution PPV, back in October of 2018. The show has received some criticism from former WWE stars, including Maria Kanellis, who called the Evolution nothing but a "PR Stunt."

In December of 2020, Sasha Banks also spoke about the company wanting to run an annual "Queen of the Ring" tournament:

“A Queen of the Ring tournament on a whole PPV for itself would be really freaking cool. But I’ve been waiting for Evolution 2 for a very long time. So maybe we can do that first, and maybe we can start off little bit [with] matches at Evolution for the Queen of the Ring Tournament. Maybe something like that can happen. But that’s up to you guys, you have to tweet Vince [McMahon]. Make sure you keep on tweeting him so we can have that in 2021.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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