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AEW Officials Pleased with NYC Ticket Sales

All Elite Wrestling is soon entering the New York City Wrestling market and they couldn't have done it in a better fashion.

Ticket sales for AEW Dynamite's Grand Slam event at Arhur Ashe stadium are exceeding expectations. According to PWInsider, due to the unexpectedly high demand, AEW is opening up more sections of the stadium that weren't originally intended to be used as they will be located behind the entrance stage.

With more seats now opening up, the final seating capacity for the show has reached the 19,000 mark. AEW should have no problem selling out the event completely as they have already sold about 16,000 tickets, with two months still left for the event.

PWInsider also notes that AEW officials want to accommodate as many fans as possible all the way until the day of the show.

What makes the ticket sales so impressive is not only the fact that New York City is a totally new market for them, but also that they were able to sell such a high number of tickets without event heavily marketing their arrival in the local New York City market for ticket sales purposes.

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