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The Rock's Daughter Has An Advice For NXT Star

The Rock's daughter, Simone Johnson had a very intriguing message for NXT Star Indie Hartwell while she was watching this week's episode of WWE NXT.

Simone wants Indie to go to therapy.

As you may be aware, tensions have been brewing recently among the members of The Way. Things took turn for a worse after Austin Theory lost a singles match to Kyle O'Reilly.

Following the match, Candice LeRae went on a verbal tirade backstage after Johnny Gargano told everyone to calm down.

"What is happening? It has been awful lately. We lost the tag titles, you [Johnny] couldn’t beat Kross, and well… I mean, it happened, okay? I’m just trying to be honest. And like, [pointing at Theory] why do you keep starting fights with people that maybe you can’t beat? I don’t understand.” - Candice LeRae

LeRae’s dressing down led to Indie Hartwell coming up with a confusing, yet hilarious response.

“Candice, stop! Why are you being so hard on him? You’re being so hard on all of us. If he [pointing at Theory] wants to kiss Dexter, let him kiss Dexter.” - Indie Hartwell

Simone took to Twitter shortly thereafter and posted the above mentioned tweet, asking Indie to “stop projecting” and go to therapy.

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