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WWE And Mattel Accused Of Encouraging Violence Against Emergency Responders

A mother of three has called out WWE and Mattel for selling a toy that she says "is massively inappropriate," and "perpetuates the message of violence towards the vehicles and people that help us."

Sabrina Fitzsimmons, 41, was watching television on June 22nd when she across an advertisement by retailer Smyths Toys, promoting WWE's 'Wrekkin Slambulance Vehicle' toy.

She was sitting next to her partner, Chrissie, 56, who is an NHS healthcare assistance, when the advertisement came on.

As seen in the video above, the commercial features former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre tearing through a WWE Ambulance and saying that kids should "tear slambulance apart for the ultimate brawl," with a stretcher seen smashing through the vehicle's back doors.

The toy is listed on the retailer, Smyth Toy's website for £39.99, and is suitable for children aged six and above.

The mom-of-three has accused WWE and Mattel for "crossing a line of ethics and morals" with the toy.

"Toys are supposed to teach our children, not only be fun. When I saw it I just thought 'what a time to be advertising a toy like this to children'.
"To advocate for a toy that perpetuates the message of violence towards the vehicles and the people that help us, I just think 'what kind of message are you sending to children here?' How is that ok?" - Sabrina Fitzsimmons

Fitzsimmons says that her own 13-year-old son is a fan of the WWE but she still considers the toy to be sending a very wrong message.

She also claims that by raising her voice against the toy, she is not trying to be a Karen, but is simply doing the right thing.

"I wasn't trying to be a 'Karen' but I just found it really offensive given the pressure I know the services have been under and the sacrifices that they've made. I could see that the advert really upset my partner.

She also wrote a complaint to Smyths Toys, and posted on social media. However, she feels she was 'fobbed off' with apologies from the retailer, saying its staff had 'missed her point.'

WWE has stated that the toy is made by Mattel and sold by Smyths Toys.

Smyths and Mattel have made no comments publicly on the matter.

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