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AEW Rampage to Possibly Air Live in India and Canada

AEW is working on International TV Deal for their new “Rampage” show

Dave Meltzer reports that All Elite Wrestling is working on securing international television deals for their new show “AEW Rampage.”

So far, we know that the show will possibly air in Canada, India, Brazil and Portuguese.

In Canada, the show is expected air live on TSN. The negotiations between the two parties are said to be ongoing at the moment.

Fans in the UK, Australia and New Zealand will most likely have to access the show through FITE. The latest reports suggest that the new show will be included in the monthly subscription that includes the weekly live Dynamite and other perks.

AEW is also working on a television deal in India that will see Rampage air live in the country. So far, AEW has not broadcasted any of its shows in India.

The company also has negotiations underway with a network in Brazil, which will see Rampage airing in the country in Portugueses.

Deals are also being worked in parts of South America, Germany, Italy, France and some parts of Africa.

The show premieres in less than a month, on Friday, August 13 and will air from the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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